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What could be more exhilarating than savoring the fascination and emotionalization of finding one's unique taste and lifestyle stamped on one's Volvo? HEICO SPORTIV offers countless opportunities for turning this dream into reality - from power upgrades, light alloy rims, sport exhaust systems, sport chassis and brakes to interior and exterior design elements.
Products which embody all that HEICO stands for: Designed in Germany. Engineered in Germany. Produced in Germany, with our unmatched fervor and passion for the Volvo brand.
Our Volvo experience since 1972, combined with a Volvo dealership, successful Volvo motorsports team and tuning programs exclusively for Volvo make HEICO the world's leading independent luxury enhancer for the Volvo brand, giving the products an instantly recognizable signature – our own! HEICO SPORTIV: for more than just a standard add-on. 


Every single HEICO product is engineered and manufactured with the highest attention to detail, and is designed in such a way that apart from its function, it also looks beautiful and blends style with performance. All of this, without compromise in daily use


HEICO e.MOTION engine tuning is guaranteed for up to 5 years or 150,000km. Such a long warranty is the effect of many tests on race tracks, roads and in the HEICO technological center in Germany. Better efficiency thanks to even more power and torque: this is Efficiency in Motion from HEICO.


Experience from the race track is transfered by HEICO to the street. In 1995 together with Volvo Germany, HEICO debuted in the prestigious and demanding Nürburgring 24h. Since 2006, Heico has been on the podium 16 times, of which 11 were in first place.









 HEICO SPORTIV has been named the recommended partner for vehicle customisation by Volvo Germany, Volvo Switzerland and the Volvo Cars Corporation.







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tel: +48 22 644 44 10

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